Replace a Leaking Washing Machine Hose in London

Updated on Sunday 26th July 2020

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A burst washing machine hose can create a real disaster in your home. The worst-case case scenario, the washing machine hose fails when you are at work or on your holiday. 
This leads to catastrophic flooding which involves paying your deductible expenses from the insurance and having a construction team tearing out the damaged drywall and flooring. 
To make sure that does not happen, our plumbers in London explain how they replace a leaking washing machine hose in London. If you need any plumbing job in your house in London, our professionals can help you.

The most common leaks caused by washing machines

The washing machine is indispensable which is why it is found in every home in London. Given the fact that it is not one of the cheapest appliances, homeowners will usually make sure it works correctly. However, once they age washing machines can get broken or, most commonly start leaking.

The most common leaks of a washing machine are:
  1.           at the inlet connections of the pipes going inside the mechanism of the washing machine;
  2.           at the belt drive which keeps together the entire mechanism of the washing machine;
  3.           at the air dome seal which no longer closes completely and lets water out of the machine;
  4.           at the center post gasket which can also get worn out and no longer seal the cap between the belt and the tub;
  5.           the outer tub seal which is made of rubber and which can simply dislocate during the rotation of the tub;
  6.           the hose connectors and the hose through which the water is eliminated out of the machine.

Most of the times it will be the washing machine hose to cause problems and our plumbers in London recommend you call us if you cannot fix the problem yourself.

Internal and external hoses in washing machines, presented by plumbers near me 

It is very important to know that a washing machine is a rather complex appliance and not knowing how to fix a problem can cause even more damage. This is why the help of professional plumbers in London is advised.

Many homeowners do not know that the washing machine has both internal and external hoses. The internal ones will connect the inlet valve to the tub and detecting a leak caused by an internal hose of the washing machine is quite hard. The leaking of the internal hose of the washing machine will usually happen during the fill cycle, however, this is not enough to know that the leak was caused by that hose.

The external hose is the one connecting the washing machine to the water supply line. Through it, the water will enter the machine during the fill cycle and go out during the evacuation of the water. When dealing with an external hose washing machine leak, the problem is quite easy to detect, however, the owner will still be required to pay attention to other aspects, such as verify the entire machine in order to find out if the problem is more extensive.

In certain cases, requesting professional help from an emergency plumber in London is recommended.

Leaking washing machine hose when the drain is blocked

Another common problem of the washing machine is for the drain to get blocked, case in which the first leak will appear at the hose. When dealing with such an issue it is strongly recommended calling for help, as a clogged drain can lead to serious floods.

There are several causes which can lead to leaks because of the drain. In older homes in London, the drains are usually undersized, and the quantity of water evacuated during a washing cycle can be too large and thus cause hose leaks. Other times, the drain is simply clogged and even if the homeowner pours substances that should dissolve the drain, there are situations in which these are not enough to solve the problem. Moreover, a clogged drain can cause great pressure which can lead to the washing machine hose to simply burst.

Our plumbers in London can help you sort out any problems related to the washing machine and the drains.

The procedure of replacing a leaking washing machine hose in London

To replace a leaky washing machine hose in London, the following steps are taken:
  • turning off the water: the water supply valves towards the washing machine must be turned off prior to starting the replacement of the hose;
  • removing the hose from the washing machine: our plumber in London will make sure to eliminate all the water left in the washing machine;
  •  taking out the hoses from the wall connections: the hoses are loosened and taken out from the wall connections. The hoses are drained in a bucket and any spills are wiped out;
  • setting up the new washing machine hoses in London: first, our plumbers in London ensure that the rubber washers are installed in every hose end. Then, a couple of Teflon wraps are placed on the wall connections as well as the washer connections. When the hoses are connected to the supply valves and to the washer, these are not overtightened. The hose from the hot connection of the washer to the left connection on the wall supply valve is connected. The same goes for the other hose to the right connection of the wall supply valve;
  • the water is turned on and the washing machine is verified for leaks: in case our local plumbers might spot a leak, they will gently tighten the connection;
  • testing the washing machine: the washing machine is started as normal. The washer is let to fill for several seconds and then it is turned off, in case there are no leaks.

Why do washing machine hoses leak in London?

It is a question our emergency plumber in London often gets from our clients. Washing machine hoses in London leak mostly because they are made of rubber.
As this material ages, it decreases in flexibility. After having sustained water hammering over and over for a long time, the rubber hose is going to leak, causing a lot of distress.
Instead, you can go for the stainless steel braided hoses for your washing machine, which are more resilient to bursting and they are quite cheap.

During a washing cycle, the washing machine supply hose takes out around 650 gallons of water per hour which is quite a lot. This is why,  a washing machine with an old supply hose can get damaged. Most of the times, insurance companies dealing with house damages report ruptured washing machine hoses as the main cause of the damage, which is why it is important to treat such a problem seriously.

It is also good to know that most washing machines start developing problems after 5 years from the purchase, while the hose can start to cause problems after approximately 8 years.
The water supply and drain systems should also be well taken care of, and by that, we mean periodical inspections which in the future can help you save a lot of money usually spent on repair jobs.

If you are dealing with a problem with the washing machine or any other appliance in your home, our emergency plumber in London can help you in various matters. Among these, washing machines, refrigerators, hobs, and stoves are just a few of them. Whether you need to have them fixed or replaced, our local plumbers can handle any job. We can also help you choose the right appliances for your home in London when you need to make any purchases.
In case you would like to find out more about how to replace a washing machine hose, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our local plumbers.
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