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Updated on Sunday 20th September 2020

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South London is a region of the city that is comprised of numerous boroughs, as follows: Sutton, Wandsworth, Southwark, Richmond, Merton, Lewisham, Lambeth, Kingston, Greenwich, Croydon, Bromley and Bexley. If you are searching for a plumber in South London and you live in any of the regions mentioned earlier, you can easily address to our team of local plumbers.  

Services provided by our plumber in South London 

A plumber in London can be qualified in numerous areas of expertise, that can be related to any of the following: standard plumbing services, services related to the drainage system, installing and/or replacing boilers and maintaining such devices, services related to the central heating system of a house or an apartment or services related to various kitchen or bathroom appliances, which also include rerouting water pipes. 
If you need a plumber in South London, you can schedule an appointment on our website or you can directly call our phone number. If you already know what the plumbing problem is, our plumber can present the types of plumbing activities he will perform when arriving at your home, the estimated price for the respective services and other additional information that can be of interest for you. 
However, if you are not sure of what the plumbing issue is or if you consider that it represents a more complex situation, our plumber in South London will arrive at your premises and he will make an initial evaluation of the case and present the process that will be carried out, the materials needed for the project and will consult you on the brands of products that will be installed in your home. With regards to our plumbing services, one can request any of the following: 
  • installing new appliances or relocating appliances such as dishwashers, dryer, washing machines and other similar devices;
  • repairing leaking taps, leaking pipes, blocked drains, replacing faulty parts of the plumbing system;
  • rerouting piping system where needed and replacing old pipes with newer materials;
  • services related to the heating system – hot water plumbing, replacing water heaters or radiators, replacing radiators valves;
  • participating in kitchen and bathroom renovations – replacing bathtubs, showers, toilets, water tanks. 

What are the basic drainage services offered by a plumber in South London?   

A plumber in South London can also help you resolve drainage issues. Such plumbing issues can refer to blocked drains, blocked toilets or blocked pipes. Our plumber is qualified to use a CCTV drain survey system, which can provide a rapid image on the current blockage of any of the plumbing systems of a home.  
In most of the cases, the blockage can be resolved without using this system, which is generally used for complicated cases. In the situation in which you experience an urgent situation, you can address to our emergency plumber in London, who can provide professional services on numerous plumbing issues.  
Any person working as a plumber in South London and in other parts of the city has to be qualified for performing this activity and must also be registered with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. It must be noted that any client requiring the services of a plumber can verify on the website of the institution the registered plumbers that activate in his or her area.

What is the value of the plumbing industry in the UK?

It must be noted that the plumbing industry is a rather profitable business activity, which has met an increased demand in the number of plumbing specialists. Besides the increased number of specialists needed in this sector, one should know that the salaries of local plumbers also expanded in the last years. Also, the industry is on a continuous growth trend, as follows:
  • in 2014, the value of the plumbing industry in the UK was estimated at GPB 14,7 billion;
  • the latest results, presented in 2019, show that the market size of the sector increased at GPB 17,2 billion; 
  • from 2014 to 2019, the annual growth rate of the industry was of 4,3%;
  • an emergency case handled by a plumber in South London or one called in other regions of the city can be charged with GBP 200; 
  • however, emergency cases in other parts of the country, with the exception of London, can be charged with GBP 100. 
The prices charged by local plumbers can vary greatly based on the plumbing service they perform. For example, installing a new toilet can be charged with GBP 100-300, without adding the price of the toilet itself. Installing a new sink has similar costs, while a burst water pipe can be charged with GBP 50-150. Water tanks replacements or installations can be charged with a higher price, of GBP 350-550, given that the operation itself can take up to a day. For more details on our costs, please contact our plumber in London.  
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