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Updated on Thursday 17th September 2020

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Given the size of London, the city was informally divided into several large regions. One of it is the East London, which is comprised of the following boroughs: Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge, Newham, Havering, Hackney and Barking and Dagenham. 
Thus, if you are living in any of the above mentioned boroughs and you need a plumber, you can rely on the services of our local plumbers, who are ready to solve various plumbing issues in the region of East London
A plumber in East London is able to provide multiple services to his or her clients, that can refer to plumbing, central heating, boiler repairs, installing boilers, drainage services and others. Our clients searching for a plumber in East London must know that our specialists provide a rapid response and same-day services. It is also important to know that emergency situations can be handled by our emergency plumber in London.  

What emergency services can one receive from a plumber in East London? 

Emergency services referring to plumbing situations can vary greatly, depending on the problem that appeared in a home. The East London region is rather large and it is also a region with a high density when we refer to the size of its population (more than 1 million inhabitants).  
When an emergency arises, our emergency plumber in London can arrive at your home in approximately 60 minutes, depending on where your exact location is. A plumber in East London will be able to provide a wide range of emergency services, some of them being presented below: 
  • radiator replacement and underfloor heating repairs or any other service related to the heating system;
  • emergency plumbing – leaking pipes and leak detection services;
  • gas cooker repairs, washing-machine repairs, dishwasher repairs or the repairs of other similar household machines;
  • leaking toilets, blocked toilets, repairs of the toilet water tank and the repair of the toilet flushing system;
  • you can also address to our plumber in East London outside our regular working hours in the case of an emergency. 

What is the average salary of a plumber in London? 

The salary that a plumber in London can obtain will generally vary based on the capabilities of the person, the years of experience, the certificates obtained throughout the years, but also on the region where the person develops his or her activity. Also, one should know that being a plumber in East London or in another region of the city will generally mean that the person will gain more compared to those developing the same profession in other parts of the country. Below, we present the following highlights: 
  • in August 2020, the average salary obtained by a plumber in London was of GBP 37,285;
  • on average, a plumber in London gains 15,6% more per year compared to plumbers in other regions of the country;
  • the average salary for local plumbers in London have increased by 1.7% on a year to year basis;
  • the plumbing profession is represented by more than 100,000 individuals and, in London, the vacancy for this profession is of only 1,193 jobs;
  • the highest number of vacancies is in South East London, accounting for 153 jobs, but there are few job openings for a plumber in East London as well (of 74 jobs). 

What are the basic plumbing services done by a plumber in East London? 

Local plumbers can offer multiple plumbing services that can aim at improving the quality of your bathroom or kitchen, where most of the plumbing system resides. You can request replacing old pipes made from lead (numerous houses used this type of piping system) with the modern piping system, made from medium-density polyethylene. 
You can also request to have your cold water storage tank replaced, especially if you live in a house or an apartment that uses an old water storage system. Our team can also help you in changing various items from your bathroom or kitchen, such as the hand wash basin and other sanitary items – for example, we can install or replace shower bidets, baths, showers, urinals, toilets. 
Our plumber in East London is qualified to perform all the above mentioned plumbing services, as all the members of our team are certified in their profession. For instance, a person who is interested in performing this profession, which has increased in demand in the last years, can register for training courses with the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Limited
Please contact our local plumbers if you need additional information on the services you can obtain. Our team can arrive at your premises and offer an initial evaluation for a plumbing project or can help you resolve an urgent plumbing matter, depending on the case. 
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