Install a Gas Stove in London

Updated on Saturday 25th July 2020

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Installing a gas stove in London is not something to take lightly. Possible gas leaks or malfunctions could cause dangerous accidents or even threaten your life. It is therefore recommended that you seek a reliable emergency plumber in London to do this job. As follows, we would like to present you the main steps followed by our ocal plumbers when installing a gas stove.

Put the gas stove in London out of range 

After helping you buy the correct gas stove connector, our plumber in London will put the gas stove out of range. Then, the gas cock is turned off by pulling the lever at a right angle to the gas pipe. This lever is found either behind the range, or in the basement. If there is not a shutoff lever, now would be the ideal time to add one, as it is safer to use gas when it can be turned off.

Attaching the connector to the gas line

Next in installing a gas stove, our plumber in London will wrap around the threads a yellow Teflon special tape. After that, the end connector fitting is removed, the unbeveled end is wrapped with Teflon tape and it is attached to the gas line. 

Adding a street elbow and tightening the nuts

A street elbow of certain dimensions is screwed into the range gas port. Afterwards, the other end of the connector is screwed into the street elbow. Each fitting is wrapped in Teflon tape, paying attention not to tighten it too much. The connector nuts on both ends of the connector fittings are tightened, ensuring not to keep the tube straight against the fitting. These threads are not wrapped in Teflon tape because this could impede the seal.

Verifying if there are any gas leaks in your kitchen in London

Once these steps mentioned above are followed, your plumbing services provider in London will always verify if there are any gas leaks. A special gas detector is used in order to do that.

Place the new gas stove in its spot

Once the emergency plumber in London has verified there are not any leaks, the gas stove is placed in its desired location. Job done, you can rest assured that you have a safe gas stove in London and you can start using it immediately!

If you need to install a gas stove in London, please get in touch with our plumbers in London.
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