Repair a Stuck Washing Machine Hose

Updated on Sunday 26th July 2020

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When a washing machine hose gets stuck, it can be a problem when trying to replace it. Our plumbers in London, however, know how to deal with this issue and replace it so that your washing machine can start functioning properly in no time.

How this job is taken care of by our plumber in London

If the laundry hose is corroded, our emergency plumber in London knows it is important to replace it without breaking the valve. Therefore, he uses a Dremel tool in order to release the end of the hose.

In order to repair a blocked washing machine hose, our plumbers in London cut the hose end progressively until the slice extends through the metal.

While doing this, they will wear safety glasses. Next, two slices on the opposite sides of the hose end are made.

Corroded washing machine hoses are almost impossible to unscrew. Therefore, it will be required to cut through the hose end.

When doing so, our local plumbers avoid cutting too deep. After the hose end is cut in two places, they try to unscrew the fixture with a pipe wrench or water pump pliers.

Replacing a washing machine water supply hose in London

Sometimes, when the washing machine is located on a second floor, in the kitchen or in a laundry room, this could be the cause of a flood in your house.

Our emergency plumber in London knows that, in time, the washing machine hoses can get weakened and may cause leaks leading to quite significant damages.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to have our local plumbers replace the rubber hoses with mesh ones, which are quite inexpensive and last much longer.

In order to do that, we take the following measures:

•    Unplugging the washing machine;
•    Turning off the water supply to the washing machine;
•    Disconnecting the current rubber hoses, firstly the washing machine ones and then the valve ones;
•    Reinverting the procedure for the mesh hoses;
•    Turning the water back on;
•    Plugging it back in.

If you need to fix a corroded laundry hose, or for any other kind of plumbing services in London, we invite you to speak to one of our experienced local plumbers.
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