How to Deal with a Leaky Appliance

Updated on Tuesday 03rd January 2017

How to Deal with a Leaky Appliance Image
In case you are wondering how to deal with a leaky appliance, such as a leaky dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine or air conditioner, our plumbers in London recommend you to seek professional service as soon as you notice it. A leaky appliance could cause damage to the drywall, flooring and carpet, the appearance of mold, or even more serious structural destructions. 

Even a small appliance leak could be disastrous in the long run. Our London plumbing professionals can assist you with any type of leaky appliance, making sure we take all the necessary steps to reliably repair it. We also offer a full cleanup service. 

As follows, we would like to enumerate some of the most important types of appliance leaks:

Washing machine leaks in London

Sometimes, the washing machine hoses are pressurized and proprietors leave on the water supply even when they are not using the washing machines. This could cause the lines to burst and the water to spill uncontrollably on the floor. There can also be slower leaks due to worn hoses and loose fittings which may lead to mold growth and water damages of the walls behind the appliance.

Water heaters leaks

They could leak because of different reasons, such as damaged or cracked pipes, a leaky tank or loose fittings. It is also possible for water heaters to simply burst and waste dozens of liters of water inside your property in no time. And since hot water produces more harm than the cold one, it is critical to get help from a professional plumber in London as soon as it happens.

Air conditioner leaks in London

Air conditioning units are common reasons for leaky appliances. Make sure you have a specialized professional inspect these units for damages, leaks or blockages regularly. Air conditioners can leak slowly, behind the ceiling and the walls, which could make it difficult to spot and could be an good environment for mold to develop in.

Our plumbing services providers in London can offer more details on what these other reasons may consist of, as well as how to deal with these leaky appliances. If you see any leaky appliance in your house, we can help you with the water removal, a whole water damage repair, as well as a quick appliance repair; contact our plumbers in London now!
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