Repiping your Entire House in London

Updated on Sunday 21st February 2021

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Everyone depends on the pipes in their home to be in good order because without them there would be trouble with everyday activities like: washing dishes and clothes, showering and of course, using the bathroom. Whenever various plumbing issues appear with these common household objects and places, you can address to our plumber in London

How can I find a plumber near me?

With many years of experience working in homes, our plumbers in London have the knowledge and professionalism needed to repipe your home rapidly and securely. You can always address to our local plumbers at our phone number or e-mail address. Our team who has experience in replumbing houses can provide you with all the options and help you identify the type of pipe that’s right for your house. There are three different types of pipes presently in use for delivering water to fixtures: copper, CPVC and PEX.

What repiping the whole house means? 

Repiping or replumbing a home is just what it sounds like, meaning you take out all the old water pipes and put brand new ones back in their place. Firmly speaking, it isn’t something home and business owners are ever meant to have to do on their own and this happens because something breaks down. 

In this situation, our plumbers in London can and will offer the best plumbing services, with fixed prices according to the market. In case you are interested in replumbing your house, you can send us a detailed email and we will answer as soon as possible with a personalized offer.

How to choose the best pipe material for your home in London

Copper is the original plumbing pipe and it is still in wide-ranging use nowadays and there is reason for that. When all it is carrying is water, copper will last for many years and we can say decades or centuries, without needing to be replaced. However, copper is becoming progressively expensive and chemical enterprises are always trying to come up with new ways to use plastics.

Many years ago, a foreign chemical company invented a plastic pipe for supplying water to fittings in houses and it was made from polybutylene and grey colored branded as Quest pipe. Initially it seemed to be a sustainable alternative to copper, it was low-priced and more flexible, thus easier to install. However, it started to break in the presence of chlorine, a substance present in all municipal water supplies

You can watch below some of the basic aspects of repiping an entire house in London:

In these days, the most common reason owners want to repipe their entire houses is to replace polybutylene pipe, the plastic pipes. If you have experienced any recent issues, you can call our emergency plumber in London, who is ready to assist you with professional services at any hour of the day. 

Our plumbers in London will always offer the proper materials in the field knowing the importance of a good and consistent water system, so copper will be the excellent choice for supplying water to the fixtures in everyone’s home. If you are interested in replumbing your house, you can rely on our team of local plumbers.

What is the current situation of the piping system in London?

Being one of the oldest cities in the world, London has implemented a piping system to accommodate the needs of a growing population long time ago. The modern water supply system can be traced back to 1920s and, although numerous pipes were changed since then, the overall water system is still considered old and outdated, given the large size of the city. Current issues of the water system in London relate to the following:
  • between 2015 and February 2019, the city of London accounted for 26,082 burst pipes, as a consequence of the large volume of water consumption and old piping systems;
  • it is estimated that a person in London uses 149 liters of water per day, which represents an increase of 5% compared to the national average;
  • water companies in the UK own 346,455 km of water pipes and it is estimated that between April 2019 and April 2020, approximately 2,954 million litres of water leaked each day at a national level;
  • 65% of the water running through London is pumped from rivers, while 35% is extracted from aquifers;
  • in order to make sure that the water running through the London piping system is safe, which is still partly made out of Victorian cast iron, 500,000 samples of water are taken each year, which must conform with the regulations of the Drinking Water Inspectorate

When is it your responsibility to call a plumber in London?

As a general rule, a private entity, be it a natural person or a legal entity, has to call a plumber in London in an emergency case if the said pipes are located on the property of the respective private entity. That means that if you own an apartment and your pipes are leaking, you must address to an emergency plumber in London. If you simply consider that the pipes are too old and need to be changed, the same will apply. 

If a problem appears on the piping system in common spaces, such as hallways, you do not have the obligation to address to a local plumber. If you live in a house, you have to make the necessary arrangements for any piping issue regarding the pipes in your house, as well as the ones in your front yard or back yard. However, in the case in which the plumbing issue appears outside your property, you are not responsible for the said situation. 

The most you can do is to call the plumbing company which is in charge with the respective portion of the pipes, if the company is not aware by the water leakage. However, any financial aspects related to this matter will not fall under your responsibility.  

What should you take into consideration when repiping a house in London?

Repiping the entire house in London can have multiple challenges, depending on how old the house is and what its current piping system is made of. Numerous houses still do no have a modern heating system. Homeowners nowadays are interested in implementing a modern central heating system and a piping system that can cover the needs of a family. 

When starting the repiping project, you should take into consideration the characteristics of the house, which should not be damaged, especially if we refer to an old house, as its basic features should always be maintained. Then, you should discuss with your plumber in London on whether the current layout of the piping system is an efficient one or whether it should be modified for a greater efficiency. 

Modifications of the piping systems may also be needed when the owner wants to modify the purpose of a room, or when he or she considers that specific rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens, should have certain objects relocated (such as changing the place of the bathtub, the washing machine, the water tap and so on). 

In certain cases, some homes may not have a suitable bathroom, when analyzed from the modern ways of what a bathroom should be (numerous houses can have only a toilet and a sink, without a shower or a bathtub, for instance), in which case, another room can be repurposed as a bathroom. 

Please be aware that the process of repiping your entire house in London may need the authorization of a conservation officer, but this depends on the period of time in which the house was built. This can also mean that you may not be able to modify the entire house in accordance to your wishes and this is why is always highly recommended to request information from our plumber in London, who can easily tell you what types of plumbing services can be offered to a specific type of property.  


How much does it cost to repipe the house water supply system in London?

plumber in London can offer an accurate valuation of work required and prices for your plan, before taking any decisions or making any promises. The cost approximation contains: costs to prepare the worksite for house replumbing, including costs to protect current structure, surfaces, materials and constituents and work and mobilization time are normally included for small house repiping jobs.

This also includes costs for job cleanup and debris elimination and costs for local material and equipment transportation. If you want to repipe your entire house and need to know the exact costs involved, don’t hesitate to contact our plumbers in London. Depending on the characteristics of your house and of your current plumbing system we will send you a customized offer. 
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