How to Install Shower Pipes in London

Updated on Saturday 25th July 2020

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When deciding to replace a shower in your bathroom, our plumbers in London recommend you to choose one which is compatible with the plumbing system of your house. Sometimes, the pipes will have to be installed as well. Here is how our local plumbers install shower pipes in London.

Can plumbers near me guide me on shower pipe installation in London? 

When performing such a job, our plumber in London takes the following measures:

1.    After turning off the water, they locate the appropriate cold and hot water supply pipes from which the water will run into the shower;
2.    Then, they proceed with assembling the pipes and fittings needed to bring the water to the wall near the shower;
3.    The third step in installing shower pipes in London is to set up a blocking in the wall framing which will support the shower valve;
4.    The valve is prepared as necessary so that they can solder the pipes to it;
5.    The rough in pipes are protracted to the valve;
6.    A plumber in London sets up an elbow for the shower head.

After these steps are followed, the water is turned back on and all the pipes and shower are checked for any leaks. In case the entire installation is free of leaks, the wall is covered and the valve handle and shower head are installed.

What type of shower should you choose in London?

When deciding which type of shower you should choose, it is important to acknowledge whether you have one of the following types of systems:

•    A gravity-fed system: it is one which has a hot water cylinder and a cold water deposit cistern in the loft. This type of system presents most of options: you could choose a mixer shower equipped with a pump or without one, an electric shower or a power shower;
•    A combination boiler or the cold water runs straight from the mains: in this case, you could choose from an electric shower or a mixer one. This is due to the fact that a combi boiler or mains supply do not enable the fixing of a pump.

In case you need to install shower pipes in London, we are the right people to do this job; we invite you to get in touch with our local plumbers in London.
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