Common Causes of Water Seepage

Updated on Monday 27th July 2020

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A lot of home losses experienced by proprietors are related to water seepage, which may have different causes. In this article, our plumbers in London present a few common causes of water seepage in the city-state.

Why does a water seepage happen in London?

In our plumber’s in London experience, a water seepage can occur because of different reasons, such as:
A leak in the drainage pipes of the upper, next or your own apartment;
A leak in the water supply lines of the upper, next or your own apartment;
A deterioration of the waterproof or floor slabs or of the bathtub seals;
A seepage of waste water or rain in the roof or the exterior wall.

Other reasons for a basement water seepage in London, presented by plumbers near me 

Besides the reasons mentioned above, a water seepage in a basement may also occur due to window wells not being properly sealed.
In case a window well does not have the correct drainage system set in place, or if the drain is blocked or clogged, the water may gather in the well.
Another reason which our plumbers in London believe is worth mentioning is the water in the ground. In the heavy rain seasons, the excess water could saturate the ground.
This saturation leads to an expansion, which could wreak havoc on a property foundation. In this case, the excess water could result in cracks which eventually lead to leaks straight into the house basement.
Another reason for water seepage is a floor crack. The water in the ground which surrounds a house might force itself through the walls and comes up through floor cracks.
When the water gathers under a concrete flooring, a hydrostatic pressure is created. Because there is nowhere else to flow, this pressure conducts the water upwards through any cracks into a basement. 
In case you are experiencing a water seepage issue, our emergnecy plumber in London advise you to verify all the probable causes for it in your home. In case the problem is due to an issue in your house, let us deal with it quickly and reliably. And, if the issue is in your neighbor’s flat or house, let them know we can help them sort it out.
For solving a water seepage issue, or for any other plumbing services in London, please contact our friendly team of local plumbers.
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