5 Solutions to the Most Common Plumbing Problems

Updated on Thursday 09th February 2017

5 Solutions to the Most Common Plumbing Problems Image
In any household, there are many plumbing issues which can arise. Even though they do not seem so important at the beginning, they can cause a lot of discomfort and can lead to greater damage in the long run if they are not taken care of immediately. In this article, our plumbers in London explain five solutions to the most common plumbing problems.

1.    Sink that drains slowly in London

A sink that drains slowly in is an issue often met by a plumber in London. The solution to this common plumbing issue is to clean out the debris by using a handy plumbing tool called Zip-it. Another way to solve this problem would be to remove the pop-up and clean it. 

2.    Boiler not functioning

In case your boiler is not functioning, it could be a gas engineer issue or an electric default. If electricity is present to the boiler switch, then it is the job of a boiler specialist. In order to check this fact, a certain testing is required, which is effectuated with a special equipment or a voltage stick. Our London plumbing professionals can help you with this type of testing.

3.    Running toilet

A running toilet is a common plumbing issue in public or private buildings. The solution to this plumbing problem is quite simple, requiring in most cases the replacement of the flapper. Sometimes, it is also necessary to verify the chain the flapper is attached to, in order to ensure it has the appropriate length which enables the flapper to close entirely.

4.    Low water pressure in London

Low water pressure is usually caused by the sink faucet. In case both the hot and cold water experience low water pressure, it is more than likely the fault of the aerator. Sometimes, calcium deposits gradually gather in the faucet aerator, therefore reducing the water pressure. This is quite an easy job for a plumber in London, who attentively removes the aerator, cleans the debris and then puts it right back on.

5.    Dripping faucets in London

Sometimes, a dripping faucet is easy to fix, requiring only to tighten a few screws with the right tools. Other times, it can prove to be a more complicated job, requiring the disassembly of the faucet and verifying each piece for damages. 

No matter what your London plumbing problem is, we can fix it. For this, as well as to find out more solutions to the most common plumbing problems, please contact our team of plumbers in London.
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