Possible Damages Caused by Leaking Pipes

Updated on Monday 19th March 2018

Leaky pipes are a common issue met by homeowners with their London plumbing. Not only they cause a reduction of the water pressure and more expensive water bills, but they can also lead to serious damages to a home. As follows, we present some of the most serious possible damages caused by leaking pipes.

The appearance of mold in your London home

In some cases, small leaks in a pipe may not be noticed for years. This issue might not seem so important since the hole in the pipe is very small.

However, in time, our plumber in London warns you that such a small leak could lead to a great loss of water and, worse, create the ideal conditions for mold to grow.

Obviously, if the leaky pipe is in the wall or anywhere else in the house, this could lead to extensive repairs which go way beyond just fixing or patching the pipe.

Structural damage to the house in London

The health dangers of mold growth are not the only possible damage caused by leaking pipes. Other damages include structural ones, which can prove to be extremely expensive if they occur.

The most obvious and immediate damages a leaky pipe can generate are aesthetic. These include discoloration, staining and streaks on the walls of the house.

However, our plumbers in London further note that these can get much worse. When a drywall begins to absorb water from a leaking pipe, it starts wrapping and swelling.

This can affect other materials, too, and, if not treated in due time, it can compromise the entire structural integrity of a house.

This is especially hazardous when dealing with support beams or other crucial structures of a home. 

Floorboard warping and wood root

A lot of the pipes of a house go from under the floors. When a pipe starts leaking, the wood will begin to warp.

In case you observe weird lumps and bumps in the carpet or on the floor wood, it most likely indicates that a pipe is leaking there.

If you have such a problem, make sure to have our London plumbing professionals address the issue.

In case you would like to know more about how much damage leaky pipes can cause, or if you need any plumbing services in London, we kindly invite you to speak to our friendly plumbers.
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