How to Deal with Whole House Humidifier Leaks

Updated on Saturday 25th July 2020

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Even though London has a humid atmosphere, the air inside your home still can get dry because of the air conditioner which is turned on while you are sleeping. A whole house humidifier is basically an appliance which releases vapors of water in the air and thus it rises the humidity level. Sometimes, these appliances can leak, too. So, how do you deal with whole house humidifier leaks? A plumber in London gives the brief answer to this question.

Why do leaks of the whole house humidifier in London happen?

Whole house humidifiers are generally connected to the furnace ducting and installed straight into the water supply pipes in order to generate a continuous water supply to the reservoir of the appliance. The installation system of a whole house humidifier a lot of times includes an overflow drain to the sewer, in the event that the refill valve does not close.

When this valve happens not to be turned off, the water is directed straight into the sewer. This causes whole house humidifier leaks to happen for a long period of time – months, even years – before anyone notices them, which can cause a great water waste.

It is therefore crucial to have the whole house humidifier verified on a regular basis by a plumber in London and to take the necessary measures in case its equipment does leak.

Other causes of whole house humidifier leaks presented by plumbers near me 

Other times, a whole house humidifier can leak because of other reasons. Here are a few and the measures taken by our plumbers in London in order to fix them:

•       High water pressure: the recommended pressure is under 125 psi in order for leaks not to occur. A plumber in London verifies the pressure and can set up a pressure reducer;
•     Scale control insert or evaporator panel: water panel evaporators could grow clogged with scale and debris as the time goes by. In order to avoid this issue, local plumbers will clean the scale control insert and, if needed, replace the water panel;
•       Solenoid valve: An emergency plumber in London will verify whether the solenoid valve has become worn out and install a new one if that is the case.

If you need to know more about how to fix leaks in whole house humidifiers, or for any other plumbing jobs, we invite you to get in touch with us.
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