How Often Should a Sewer Drain Be Cleaned?

Updated on Sunday 26th July 2020

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How Often Should a Sewer Drain Be Cleaned? Image
Often, sewer drains can get clogged because of hairs, soap and other particles which can build up inside of them. That is why it is important to prevent this from happening. In this article, our plumbers in London explain how often a sewer drain should be cleaned.

How often should our local plumbers clean your sewer drains?

There is not an exact date when the sewer drains should be cleaned. With the exception of septic tanks, our plumbers in London recommend you to clean the sewer drains on an as-needed basis.
In case you have issues with them regularly, though, it is time to schedule professional inspections from time to time, after which the sewer drain cleaning should follow, if needed.

Signs indicating that the sewer drain in London should be cleaned

Sometimes, in our plumber’s in London experience, sewer back-ups can occur because of reasons such as:
Grease: it represents the worse enemy of pipes. A lot of homeowners have the habit of pouring the old and used grease from cooking down into the drain. This is a very bad thing for the pipes, because the grease eventually becomes solid, creating a clog in the pipe. In case this happens, the pipes have to be hydro-jetted;
Roots: sometimes, roots can get inside the lines, which is one of the main causes of sewer back-ups. These roots can grow inside the lines and continue to do so until they entirely block up the pipe. Or, other times, they can break the lines, which causes an even bigger issue;
Curved piping: a curved piping is a sag in the pipe. This can happen when a part of the pipe slopes down, which generates a curved effect which might look like a belly. This generally occurs when the soil around the pipe is not stable and it allows it to go further down.
Warning signs include:
Raw sewage coming back into the toilet, drain or bathtub;
Gurgling noises from the lines;
Water coming out of the basement drain;
Other signs: our emergency plumber in London can offer further details on what these other warning signs may consist of.
In case you are experiencing any issues with the sewer drains and you are a resident of the city-state, or if you need any other plumbing services in London, let us help you. Contact us to schedule your sewer cleaning now!
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