Bubbling Toilets & Drains Explained by our London Plumber

Updated on Sunday 26th July 2020

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When you arrive home from work or vacation, the last thing you want to hear is a strange sound coming from your bathroom. However, bathroom appliances can do so and it might indicate a more serious issue which has to be taken care of by qualified plumbers in London. Before they cause any more serious damages.
In this article, our emergency plumber in London explains briefly the possible causes of bubbling toilets and drains.

Bubbling toilets in London

If you hear bubbling noises from your toilet in London, it happens because one of the following reasons:
There is a clogged sewer drain line;
Or, it can be a blocked vent stack.
In the first case, the sewer drain might get clogged because of:
Tree roots;
Unusual items flushed into the toilet.
Our plumber in London can unclog a sewer drain line by using a plumber’s snake which will take care of the issue.
In case there is a blocked vent stack, this might happen, in our plumbers’ in London experience, because of various reasons, such as a bird’s nest. 
When the air backs up into the plumbing system, it will have to escape somewhere, like in the toilet. And that might be why the toilet is bubbling.

Bubbling drains explained by plumbers near me

In case you hear your drains in London bubbling, this might happen because:
There might be a clog in the drain or in the vent pipe;
A pipe could have become damaged or might have collapsed;
There can be a grease dirt buildup or another kind of debris in the plumbing system of your home.
If there is buildup in your plumbing system, this implies that the water cannot be drained appropriately. When pipes become clogged or dirty, the air bubbles, instead of being evicted in their own spots, they are released at the closest vent. This can cause the bubbling sounds.
Our local plumbers can assist you with this issues as well. Just let us know and we will locate the issue and solve it rapidly, reliably and in a cost-effective manner.
If you need to know more about why your drains and toilets in London are bubbling, or for any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our team.
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