Why Have a Food-waste Disposer Installed?

Updated on Friday 12th October 2018

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen when they are at home and having it equipped with all sorts of appliances is recommended in order to reduce the spent cleaning it. One of the appliances that can help a homeowner in London do that is the food-waste disposer. This is not the only reason to have a food-waste disposer installed, as our plumbers in London will describe the ways in which such machine can help homeowners.

Food-waste disposers will help homeowners protect their pipes

One of the best reasons to have a garbage disposer installed in one’s kitchen is that it will grind food waste so that it will be easier to throw them. However, there is also the hygiene factor to consider: not keeping food waste for too long in garbage bags, eliminating odors and reducing the risk of attracting unwanted visitors like cockroaches are also significant reasons for having a food-waste disposer installed in one’s home.

Our London plumbing professionals can help those who want to have such a machine installed in their kitchen.

How to choose a garbage disposer

Those who decide to install food-waste disposers have several choices. Our London plumbers recommend one of the following types of garbage disposers:
  •          the continuous garbage disposer which allows the user to put all the food waste in the disposer at once;
  •          the batch garbage disposer which requires for the food waste to be divided into small batches.

Also, garbage disposers can have induction or permanent magnet motors, each with its advantages.

Choosing the right food-waste disposer will imply knowing the amount of food a homeowner in London usually throws away and the money they are willing to spend on such an appliance.

Installation of food-waste disposers with help from our London plumbers

If you have decided to have a garbage disposal unit installed in your kitchen, our plumbers in London offer this type of service. We will connect the disposer to the kitchen sink or to the dishwasher and make all the electrical connections for it to work properly.

For assistance in choosing a food-waste disposer and having it installed in your home or for any other plumbing service in London, please feel free to contact us.
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