Why do I Have Low Water Pressure in the Shower?

Updated on Saturday 11th March 2017

Why do I Have Low Water Pressure in the Shower? Image
You just woke up and want to start your day with a refreshing shower but the water pressure is low?
Or you just came home after a full day of work and want to refresh yourself with a shower but the water is not running at its full stream from the shower?
Low water pressure in the shower can be quite unpleasant. Even more, it can signal a more severe issue in your home.
If you are wondering why you have low water pressure in the shower, our plumbers in London explain the reasons why this is happening and how to fix this issue.

Reasons for low water pressure in the shower presented by our plumbers in London

There are several reasons why you might be experiencing low water pressure in the shower:
·         The showerhead could be getting worn out. This problem can be fixed quite quickly by a plumber in London by replacing it;
·         Some showerheads could actually have a filter which limits the flow of water coming from the showerhead, for water consumption saving reasons. In some cases, these flow regulators can be removed by a London plumbing professional in order to have a full stream of water all the time when you are using the shower;
·         Sometimes, low water pressure in the shower could indicate some other more serious issues. This problem could be due to a worn out, galvanized pipe system in your home. This could cause low water pressure in certain areas of your house and could even cause a pipe burst at some point. This is definitely a job best left to qualified plumbers in London to diagnose and fix, as it could cause a great damage to your property if not taken care of by trained professionals;
·         Other reasons: We can offer more details on what these other reasons may consist of.

Fixing a low water pressure shower in London

First of all, our plumbers in London will evaluate the issue and make sure it is not the actual showerhead which is causing it.
Then, if the problem is still not fixed, it might be necessary to have the pipes in your house replaced. There are different pipes which are most appropriate for various types of houses, for example copper ones being suitable in some homes and other material ones – for others.
If you would like to know more about fixing a low water pressure shower, or if you need assistance with any other plumbing issue in your house, please contact our plumbing services firm in London.
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