Why Are Leaky Pipes Dangerous in London?

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

Why Are Leaky Pipes Dangerous in London? Image
Leaky pipes in London are dangerous even though it might not seem like a big issue initially. However, as time passes by, there can be many complications which could lead to a real disaster to a home. Our plumbers in London explain what are the reasons for which leaky pipes are dangerous.

Flooding of a home in London

One of the dangers of a leaky pipe in London can consist in an indoor flooding, which implies great expenses in terms of cleaning and repairs. That is why it is important, when you notice a leaky pipe or any other malfunctioning of your plumbing system, to have our plumbers in London verify the situation.

Appliance malfunctions

A leaky pipe in London which is located near an appliance in your home can actually lead to their malfunction. This could lead to a plumbing, as well as an electrical emergency if the issue is not taken care of immediately by our plumber in London.

It is important to minimize all damages as much as possible, and having a local plumber take care of this situation will help you do just that.

Mold in your London home

Generally, homeowners are not really aware of the dangers of plumbing issues. Mold is by far the biggest danger of leaky pipes in London. It can appear on the walls and under the sinks where the leak is located.

When there is moisture, mold can rapidly develop in a time frame of only 24 to 48 hours. Mainly long term leaky pipes, especially the ones inside wall cavities, commonly cause mold to appear. That is because the water stays in the same place, generating the ideal environment for molds.

Our London plumbing professionals advise you to check the windows for any condensation, as this is a good sign that the room has high levels of moisture. 

Low quality of water

Low quality of water is another danger of leaky pipes in London. In your house, there are separate pipes for fresh water and sewage. In case any of them is leaking, there can be health hazards. 

If you notice the water from a faucet has a foul smell, this could indicate such an issue has occurred. In some more serious cases of contamination, our local plumbers might have to disable the entire plumbing system in order to rearrange or replace the pipes.

If you have a leaky pipe in London, do not ignore the dangers of it: contact our plumbing services firm in London at once to make sure you remediate the problem and limit the damages that may occur.
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