When to Use Push-Fit Appliance

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

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Push-fit fittings represent a viable alternative to soldering, which is a more complex procedure, saving a great deal of time and trouble when faced with a plumbing emergency. As follows, our plumber in London explains when he uses a push-fit appliance.

When can a push-fit appliance be used in London

Different properties have various London plumbing systems. For instance, a plumber who is working on a new build is faced with an entirely different water system than if he was working on an older house.

Plumbers in London could find that, if working with an older system may need repairs, they are not able to use more modern fittings such as the push-fit appliance.

The push-fit connector design is not appropriate for connecting plastic to plastic. Push-fit appliances are created to connect any couple of pipes together, with the material they are made of not having to be the same. 

In case the pipe does not have score marks, the push-fit appliance can twist and lock into position to confer a secure connection, proving that it is compatible with both plastic and copper.

Concerns when using a push-fit appliance in London

The majority of push-fit appliances at the present are approved for concealed applications such as underground or inside a wall, and for permanent setting up.

For a lot of them, though, there still is skepticism about a push-fit, mainly when dealing with concealed or permanent setting up.

The idea that a push-fit appliance is only needed for a temporary emergency repair is quite popular for the plumber in London.

However, the push-fit appliances are gaining popularity for the DIY market. Even though these fittings have not been invented as long as the copper soldering has been, they still have been used for several decades now.

A good reason why plumbers are quite skeptical about this appliances is the technology they are using. A lot of professionals in the field feel that steel teeth and an O-ring alone cannot generate a secure connection which can last for a long time.

In case you would like to know more about when and why to choose a push-fit fitting, or if you require any plumbing services done in London, please do not hesitate to speak to our friendly staff. 
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