What to Do when the Shower Is Not Working

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

What to Do when the Shower Is Not Working Image
Wondering what is there to do when the shower is not working? Here are a few answers from our plumbers in London:

No water coming out when pressing the shower button from my home in London

If there is no water pouring when pressing the shower button, it can be that either the button is broken or the electrical contacts of the shower are not functioning properly. Other reasons for a malfunctioning shower in London can be that there is no power connected to the shower or the opening valve might be damaged. The solution recommended by our plumbing services professionals in London is most of the times acquiring a replacement shower.

Damage of the shower handle

The shower handle is connecting the faucet stem through several notches, which can get damaged in time. If this happens, the shower cannot engage the stem anymore, and turning it causes nothing to happen. This might happen usually mainly to plastic handles, which can be replaced by a plumber in London.

Either hot or cold water coming out of the shower in London

If you turn your shower on and the water coming out is either cold or hot, it is generally caused by a bad installation or an inappropriate shower use for that particular system. Professionals in the field recommend you to verify that the valve is in the open position and to ensure that the instructions are followed while installing the shower system.

Low water pressure in the shower

Just because it is getting old, a faucet can stop functioning properly. A special tool called a cartridge puller might be needed to fix it, although many times the problem can be solved by replacing the cartridge with a new one. This issue can however happen also because of low water pressure, which can happen because of corroded and old water pipes. The later situation might be likely especially if other faucets or fittings are not functioning properly, either.

Our plumbers in London can detect the correct reasons why your shower is not working and fix the problem. Please contact us for help with a malfunctioning shower in London
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