What to Do if You Lost Jewelry down the Sink Drain

Updated on Thursday 10th November 2016

What to Do if You Lost Jewelry down the Sink Drain Image
Losing a piece of jewelry down the sink drain is probably something that happened to all of us at least once in our lives. What to do in such a situation? Here are the main measures that need to be taken.

Remain calm and call a plumber in London

Even though we know it can get quite dramatic when you see the diamond ring or the golden bracelet going down the sink drain, it is important to remain calm. The best thing to do in such a situation is to call a plumber in London who knows exactly what to do to recover the jewelry. Because we fully comprehend the extent of such a situation, we will make sure to come to your location as soon as possible. After you call a professional, make sure you turn off the water supply. Then, when arriving at your house, one of our London plumbing experts will appropriately disassemble the sink drain to try and recover the valuable item. And while doing so, we will make sure to clear the sink drain as well!

How the jewelry is recovered by our plumbers in London

After turning off the water, our plumbers in London will take the following steps to recover a jewelry lost down the sink drain:

•     Locating the P-trap: large channel lock adjustable pliers or a wench is utilized to loosen the two slip nuts on both ends of the P-trap;
•    Prior to extracting the P-trap, the area beneath the sink has to be cleared, then a bucket is placed there. When disassembling the sink drainage system, there will be a lot of dirt coming out together with the jewelry that fell down the sink drain;
•    The valve is removed. The inside of the valve is cleaned into the bucket;
•    The piece of jewelry is found among the gunk. Even though probably dirty, it is possible to clean it and the important thing is that you recovered it!
•    The P-trap is replaced, the slip nuts – retightened and the water supply is turned back on. Job done!

If you lost a jewelry or any other small item down the sink drain, please get in touch with our London plumbing firm. We can help you recover it in the quickest time possible. 
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