What to Do if There Is a Gas Leak?

Updated on Thursday 09th February 2017

What to Do if There Is a Gas Leak? Image
Gas leaks are a very dangerous situation which could lead to explosions and fatalities. In order to prevent any extremely unfortunate accidents from happening, here is what our plumbers in London advise you to do if you believe there is a gas leak in your property. 

Measures to be taken immediately in case of a gas leak exposed by our plumbers in London

If you detect a gas leak in your home, immediately take the following gas leak safety measures:

•    Do not turn on or off electrical switches;
•    Do not turn on any equipment or plant;
•    Get away and upfront from the affected area as soon as possible;
•    Do not smoke, light any flames, utilize mobile phones or other ignition sources in the leak area;
•    Contact your EMA (Energy Market Authority) authorized gas dealer in London and report the gas leak at once from a safe distance;
•    Turn off the gas meter control valve;
•    Open windows and doors in order to get the air ventilated;
•    A plumber in London recommends you to contact the EMA in London at 1800 752 1800 to report the gas leak.

How can a gas leak in London be detected?

The first obvious sign of a gas leak is the smell of gas. There are other specific physical symptoms which you might be experiencing, as well.

In case you feel dizzy, ill or nauseous, our plumbing services pros in London advise you to get out of the house at once. If you notice that outside in the open air you feel better, there might be a gas leak inside the property which causes carbon monoxide or gas leak poisoning.

There are some other signs which could prove there is a gas leak in your home, such as:

•    Notice the color of the gas flame. It should be crisp blue, rather than orange or yellow;
•    Notice if there is condensation on the windows or a musty smell in the atmosphere inside your home.
•    Observe if there are any black or brown burnt zones or if there is any soot around the appliances.

For more information on the safe use of gas, as well as any plumbing job you might need in your home or office, please get in touch with our team of plumbers in London.
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