What is a Gas Analyzer?

Updated on Sunday 15th April 2018

A gas analyzer is a tool which is utilized to measure the concentration of a certain gas in a given mixture of gasses from a stream or a process. Gas analysis may use different technologies, like tunable diode laser spectroscopy, infrared gas analysis, zirconia oxygen analysis and so on. As follows, our plumber in London presents a few interesting information related to gas analyzers.

More details on gas analyzers in London

Gas analyzers are utilized to monitor processes, improve safety, increase efficiency, track emission and improve quality.

These instruments are utilized in applications in all the most important industries like refineries and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, critical process, semiconductors, boilers, heaters and others.

A gas analyzer differs from a gas detector, because detectors are used to detect situations which are not normal in terms of the operating parameters and are projected to alarm.

Unlike a gas detector, a gas analyzer determines in real time the concentration or quantity a said gas is in the process or in the stream. Our plumbers in London can provide further details on the gas analyzers used in our area.

How does a usual reading on a gas analyzer in London look like?

In case you would like to know how a usual reading looks like on a gas analyzer, our London plumbing professionals mention that it very much depends on the manufacturer.

For example, with a common Testo boiler gas analyzer, the stack temperature represents the temperature of the stack, if there is a gas safer above the boiler.

The temperature should be lower as the heat is being used again when running in the hot water mode.

Then, there are a second lot of figures, which indicate the oxygen percentage. 

Next, the third lot of figures will indicate the CO PPM (Parts Per Million).

After the testing is complete, our plumber in London points out it is extremely important to make records and print, since this will prove the work that has been effectuated until that moment.

If you require more details about what a gas analyzer is, or for any plumbing services in London you might request, please get in touch with our local plumbers.
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