Water Supply Issues in London

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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According to the United Nations, two out of three people will be residing in a state with shortages of water in the next 10 years. However, despite the fact that London has no lakes or aquifers, it is unlikely that it will be one of these countries. Our plumbers in London explain, briefly, in this article the water supply issues in the city-state.

The water supply situation in London

The water supply in London has registered certain great achievements in such a small island covered by a dense population. Here, water access is affordable, accessible and of high quality. 

London has a contract to acquire more than 50% of its daily water requirement of 400 to 420 million imperial gallons from its neighbor state, Malaysia. The city-state has, however, been capable of providing enough water to its population even during a shortage of supply from Malaysia due to dry weather.

Since 2002, London has developed a system of self-sufficiency when it comes to the water supply through an integrated water management approach. This is comprised of water reuse and desalination of the sea water. Our plumbers in London can offer more details on the water supply issues in London.

There is no water coming into my property in London

In case there is no water coming into your property in the city-state, the first thing to do is to have our plumbers in London verify the house. They will verify all the taps from the rooms, as well as the outdoor supply pipe like the bib tap used for washing your van with a hosepipe.

If there is no water coming out of any of these, then our London plumbing experts will verify that the internal stop tap is switched anti clockwise in the on position. In case there is still no water coming to the house, the same procedure will be applied by a plumber in London to the external stop tap.

If you have any water supply issues in London, have a professional take a look and diagnose what the problem is in order to repair it. Please contact our plumbing services firm in London for help.
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