Types of Drainage Pipes

Updated on Monday 22nd August 2016

Types of Drainage Pipes Image  A drainage pipe is a pipe that simplifies the elimination of water from one place to another. Drainage pipes are useful in any zone because they dispose waste water from houses and many industrial units. As you might know, there are many different types of drainage pipes for particular purposes, and the plumber in London will suggest what’s best for your home.


Types of drainage pipes used in London

There are many different types of drainage pipes in London and each one of them have particular features, and here we mention the PVC pipes, the clay drainage pipes, the concrete drainage pipes and also the corrugated polyethylene drainage pipes. These tubes can conclude the most important mission, and that is to dispose waste water from houses in London or from factories.

If you want to repipe your entire house in London, it is recommended to analyze and understand the characteristics of each pipes needed, including the important drainage pipes. Our plumbers in London will offer detailed information about the drainage pipes and will explain you how they work and what is proper for your house.

Drainage pipes suggested by our plumbers in London 

The PVC pipes are made from polyvinyl chloride, are long-lasting, cheap and extremely used in drainage systems. They can connect quite easy and they are hard enough to handle any water pressure. Unfortunately you cannot bend them into a particular shape, but they do work properly. 

The clay drainage pipes are solid as the plastic ones, they are eco-friendly and a proper solution for your home. This type of tubes is recommended by the plumber in London with the mention that you might need to change them in a few years. As we know, pipes can develop fissures because of the water force. It is good to know that the clay pipe work is covered with a concrete layer to make it stable and stronger.

The corrugated drainage pipes are rock-solid, cost-effective and also long-lasting alternatives for good drainage systems. These types of pipes have proved that they are suitable in any environment or extreme weather. Around 90% of the drainage pipes are made of corrugated polyethylene and serve well in all homes in London.

The concrete pipes are the most often used pipes, the have a low price and they offer sturdiness and durability. Many plumbers suggest these kinds of pipes because they are eco-friendly and have non-flammable features.

Our plumbers in London are able to provide you with details and information about the drainage pipes that are suitable for your home. Please feel free to contact us for plumbing services in London
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