The New Trenchless Plumbing Technique in London

Updated on Friday 03rd August 2018

Not only large industries like constructions benefit from new and fast techniques that ease the work of companies, as innovation has also made its way into smaller industries, such as plumbing. One of the most important techniques adopted by plumbers in London nowadays is trenchless plumbing which implies avoiding digging to create new pipelines when replacing or repairing old lines.

Two techniques for trenchless piping

London is known as one of the greenest cities in the world which means one can find trees not only in parks and gardens but also in homeowners’ yards. Replacing or repairing an old water pipeline when the plumber has to deal with tree roots is a great hassle, not to mention the mess in the yard. This is where trenchless piping can be a real help for both the homeowners and plumbers in London.

There are two techniques that can be used in trenchless piping. The first one implies pushing a new pipe through the old one until the latter bursts, and the second one implies applying a layer of adhesive in order to fix the broken pipe.

While the first technique is more common when large pipelines need to be replaced, the second one is great for small household repairs, as the garden will suffer no damage.

Our plumbing professionals in London can offer more information on how they use trenchless piping.

Why is trenchless piping important in plumbing?

Trenchless piping has several benefits among which:
  •           the disruption is little to none, meaning the plumber can work while people go on with their daily activities;
  •           there is close to no digging involved as the plumber will only need a small hole through which new pipe or the adhesive can be introduced;
  •           it involves lower costs, which is important to all homeowners who do not want to spend much on replacing pipes that can be repaired;
  •           it can be used in many cases and on several types of pipes – from water to sewer lines;
  •           difficult problems like root intrusions, old sewer and water lines and line calcification can be resolved.

Trenchless piping is quite versatile which makes a very important tool for our plumbers in London and if you need any work done in your home, please feel free to contact us any time.
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