Safety Tips against London Floods

Updated on Sunday 06th August 2017

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Some decades ago, floods were a common issue in London. At the present, though, the more developed infrastructure of the city-state has been able to decrease this occurrence, even though there are still times when London can be flooded by heavy rains or high tides. In case this might happen, here are a few safety tips against London floods from our plumbers in London.

What to do if there is a flood in London

In case you are driving and are faced with a flood, our plumber in London advises you:
Avoid it: your best option in such a situation would be to find an alternative route. No matter how much in a rush you are, the best idea would be to avoid entering the flood with your car;
Do not cross the flood if the water is higher than 15 centimeters. At this level, the water can quickly get inside the engine causing your car to stop and major damages to the engine of the car;
According to the Automobile Association, the majority of people who are driving across a flood are risking their lives. The same Association indicated that in excess of a quarter of the respondents would be willing to drive through the moving floor water which is deeper than 30 centimeters.
In case you are at home during a flood in London, our London plumbing professionals recommend you the following safety tips against flooding in London:
Stay inside and have your emergency bag near you, being ready to evacuate the premises as soon as the authorities advise you to;
If you feel you are in danger, dial 995 or 999, making sure to give your name and address, and evacuate as soon as possible, going to a higher ground away from open areas or storm drains;
Listen to the local radio stations for updates from the relevant authorities.

The areas which are most likely to get flooded in London

According to our plumbers in London, the areas which are most prone to being flooded in London include:
Alexandra Canal Sub Drain B near Redhill MRT station;
Upper Thomson Road;
Craig Road Maxwell Road;
Tiong Bahru Road;
Paya Lebar;
Tanjong Pagar Road;
Other areas.
For more about what to do in case of a flood in London, or for any plumbing services in London, we invite you to speak to our friendly team of plumbers.
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