Removing a Tub Drain Flange

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

Removing a Tub Drain Flange Image
A tub drain flange represents the finished drain piece which can be seen in the bathtub. Sometimes, manufacturers refer to this fixture as the drain body or the drain basket. Drain flanges have various finishes and stopper options. The tub drain flange is edged through a piece named a drain shoe. In this article, our plumbers in London explain how they remove a tub drain flange.

Steps taken to remove a tub drain flange in London

To remove a tub drain flange, our plumber in London follows these steps:
Examining the tub drain flange to see the kind of stopper it has;
Removing the plunger or screen stopper from the drain. Or, the push-pull or lift-and-turn stopper is unscrewed using the pliers;
Inserting the removal instrument inside the drain body, also named the flange. An adjustable wrench or pliers is placed in the center of this tool and it is turned clockwise. Removing the drain;
A new rubber gasket is inserted between the drain shoe and the tub;
Rolling a chord of plumber’s putty and placing it around the inferior side of the tub drain. This process is completed by our plumbers in London;
Threading the tub drain inside the drain shoe and tightening it until it is fixed, utilizing a dumbbell tool;
Removing any excess plumber’s putty from around the tub drain flange and replacing the stopper in the manner it was removed.

Other considerations from our plumbers in London

When removing a tub drain flange, our London plumbing professionals can use the Drain Key or the Smart Dumbbell tools, which basically function in the same manner. 
These tools are inserted into the drain and turned counterclockwise to loosen the old tub drain. They are, though, different in certain aspects.
Some plumbers believe that if the drain is stubborn, and it does not move even with the appropriate tools, the flange should be heated with a hairdryer on high or hot setting.
This could soften the plumber’s putty which is sealing the drain flange on the bathtub. After several minutes, the putty should be soft enough to attempt taking the drain flange out again.
If you would like to know more about how to remove a tub drain, or if you need any kind of plumbing services in London, please contact us.
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