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Updated on Monday 04th July 2016

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Wise homeowners are aware that plumbing is an important issue in their households, knowing what to do in order to avoid a small problem becoming a disaster. Here are a few basic plumbing tips in London to help your home plumbing system stay dry and safe.

Do not ignore leaks

Small leaks can lead to serious plumbing damages, so keep an eye on any leaks which might occur, such as leaking pipes, rocking toilets, damp cabinets or dripping refrigerators. Not to mention, fixing these issues will decrease your water bills. plumber in London can help you repair any leaks you may confront with in your home.


Do not use galvanic pipes

In time, galvanized water pipes can corrode or rust. One of the most important plumbing tips in London is to choose copper instead. The PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) and the plastic pipes, although cheaper, are not as durable and do not accomplish their utility as well as copper. Our plumbers in London can provide further details on this subject and can also help you install the pipe system. 

Know where the shut off valves are

In case of a flood, it is important to know where to shut off the water supply for sinks, toilets, washing machines and machines which use water such as the icemaker from the refrigerator, as well as the one for the entire house. Knowing where the shut-off valve is can save a lot of water waste and cleaning work if you have a very bad leak.

Locate the valve of the sewer

When it comes to plumbing tips in London, we also advise you to find the location of the sewer valve, which is there to enable access to fix a clogged sewer line. 

Save the planet

The plumbing tips from our plumbers in London cannot exclude the one which recommends you to adopt water conservation habits and make small adjustments to your home plumbing system. Water represents a valuable resource, and it consumes energy to sanitize it and deliver it to your house, therefore everything you are able to do to reduce the amount of water you consume is helpful for the wellbeing of the planet. 

Do not postpone minor repairs

When you postpone minor repairs like a dripping faucet, you risk turning them into bigger issues which are much more complex and more expensive to fix. Although you are probably busy taking care of your everyday life, as a homeowner you should always keep minor repairs in control. You can also choose to hire our team of plumbers in London if you don't have time for checks and minor repairs. We will verify carefully your entire plumbing system and we will resolve any plumbing problem.

If you are experiencing an unexpected plumbing issue, or already have one which you are trying to ignore, do not put it off. Contact a London plumbing professional to make an evaluation and fix it right away.
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