Plumbing Repairs when Selling your House

Updated on Thursday 03rd August 2017

Plumbing Repairs when Selling your House Image
When selling your house, it is important to have in order the plumbing in the most heavily plumbed rooms of the house, which are the kitchen and bathroom. Most likely, ther are many things in these rooms which need to be updated or repaired. 

Here are a few plumbing repairs to consider when selling your house from our plumbers’ in London experience.

Old plumbing and wiring in London

Many homes which were built before 1970 are piped with galvanized steel lines. As the time went by, the minerals from the water can form a build up inside these lines.

In case you notice low water pressure, this build up could be causing it. Galvanized lines can also corrode easily and leak.

Numerous home owners do not hire a plumber in London to replace the galvanized lines and choose to do the repairs themselves. Sometimes, though, these pipes can be replaced with copper, CVPC or Pex lines.

Inspect the sink in your London house

It is an important plumbing repair when selling your house. The sink is commonly the most obvious part of the kitchen.

Make sure you have our plumbers in London inspect it thoroughly, so that they can detect any cracks, discoloration or deterioration sealant.

In case the sink is damaged, it is just not a nice thing to see in the kitchen and it is recommended to replace it.

Because you are not trying to redecorate for the future owner, you should choose a new sink which matches the kitchen as it is. 

Go water efficient

Water efficiency is an important aspect when selling your house. Our London plumbing professionals advise you to set up a new toilet, water efficient nozzles of the sprinkler system and rain sensors and even solar panels.

For example, you can acquire a low flow toilet which can save around 25% of the water consumption daily. Since the flushing of the toilet counts for approximately 38% of the water used in a home, replacing the old one can lead to important savings.

If you would like to know more repair requests on home selling, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please contact us.
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