Plumbing Basics in London

Updated on Sunday 26th June 2016

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Plumbing can sound quite intimidating, and homeowners might dread the fact they might have an issue with it because it seems unhygienic and dangerous. Luckily, things are not so complicated and you can learn the plumbing basics in London easily, so that you can take care of some of the simple tasks by yourself. 

Tools any proprietor in London should own 

For minor repairs, any proprietor should own certain tools to help him or her take care of the basic plumbing in London. Here is a list of the tools which should not miss from any home:

•    Adjustable wrench or locking pliers: it helps you correctly change a faucet or a showerhead;
•   Needle-nose pliers: Being required to work in tight places a lot of times, this tool can be extremely handy because it allows you to get a grip on the small parts;
•    Wrench: Allows you to access difficult to reach joints;
•   Caulk gun with caulk: It enables you to create a water-tight seal which is necessary when installing sinks, tile or bathroom repairing seals. Our plumbers in London can give you more details on how to use this tool;
•    Plumber’s tape: It comes handy when you need to elude tightened joints leaking water;
•    Plumber’s putty: Similarly to the plumber’s tape, it allows you to make a water-resistant seal on non-pressurized joints such as sink drains. 

Basic DIY plumbing jobs presented by our plumbers in London

Certain plumbing jobs are more common than others. Here is a list of the most often met basic plumbing jobs in London which can be repaired by yourself:

•    Running toilet: It is generally caused by broken stop valve or floater switch. A safer solution could be replacing the whole assembly;
•    Clogged drains: if the drain is blocked entirely, remove the excess hair and gunk which gathered at the drain surface. If this does not work, try liquid plumber. In case it is not effective either, use the plunger. If the drain continues to be clogged, look for a plumber in London;
•    Upgrade the showerhead: Surprisingly, upgrading your shower head can allow you to save up to 30% of the monthly water bills. Economical showerheads can be found at any hardware store or plumbing supply.
•    Install kitchen or bathroom faucets: When installing them, follow the instructions of the new ones. 

Knowing the plumbing basics in London and figuring out how to repair basic plumbing jobs by yourself can save you a lot of expenses on plumbing costs. However, there are issues which can only be solved by a trained plumber. If you need assistance with any plumbing issue, please get in touch with our plumber in London.
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