Most Common Plumbing Issues in the Bath

Updated on Wednesday 12th April 2017

Most Common Plumbing Issues in the Bath Image
Plumbing issues in the bath? Our plumbers in London realize the bath is an important room in your household where everything should run smoothly. It is, therefore, advisable to get professional help when you encounter any malfunctions here.

Here are a few of the most common plumbing bath issues and how our plumber in London fixes them.

1.    A sink drain that is clogged in London

It is definitely one of the most common bath plumbing issues. In case you observe that the water from the sink in your bathroom does not flow into the drain any longer, the drain is entirely clogged.

Our plumbers in London will first use a plunger to resolve this problem. In case that does not have any results, they may use certain eco-friendly substances. Or, the U-Bend might be removed in order to verify if there are any clogs in the tailpiece or the U or P-trap. By using a cable auger, these will be cleared from any blockages. 

2.    Leaky bathtub

Sometimes, when the water in the bathtub flows over the overflow, it leaks. This is most probably because the overflow was not installed appropriately. In case there is an overflow, the overflow should never leak. 

In order to repair this common plumbing bath problem, the overflow has to be de-installed, after which it has to be entirely cleaned and re-siliconed. Our London plumbing experts will utilize a silicone which can set under water.

3.     Smells in the sewer in London

Sewer smells in the bathroom can be unpleasant, as well as dangerous. Sewer gas could emit methane gas, which is unhealthy and, if found in high dosages, could even cause an explosion. It is, therefore, an issue not to be ignored.

A local plumber from our team will check if the drain pipes are damaged and find the appropriate remedy for this issue.

4.    Leaky bath taps 

In some cases, the taps in the bathroom can leak, which could lead to a lot of water waste and an increased water bill.

A professional plumber will make sure to have all the tools needed to fix these bath problems by replacing the tap heads, so that they are removed without forcing them or producing any damage. 

If you require help in fixing any common bathroom plumbing problems, please get in touch with our plumbing services firm in London.
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