Leaky Appliances in Your London Home

Updated on Sunday 14th May 2017

Leaky Appliances in Your London Home Image
Do you have leaky appliances in your London home? A leaky appliance is a common water leak met by our plumbers in London. Sometimes, the owner does not know who to call: a plumber or an appliance specialist?

A leaky appliance can cause more damage than you probably imagine. It is therefore imperative to have this type of issue fixed as soon as possible by a professional in order to limit the damages. 

Who can repair a leaky appliance in London?

It is important to be aware of the fact that a leaky appliance becomes a London plumbing issue when the home proprietor cannot get hold of an appliance specialist or is not able to shut off the isolation valve to the appliance in the city-state based home.

Common appliance leak causes in London

Here are a few common reasons why an appliance may leak in London:

•    Heating and cooling appliances: air conditioning units may often leak. The leaks are many times slow, behind the ceiling and walls, being difficult to locate and creating a good environment for mold to develop;
•    Refrigerator: the ones that come with built-in ice makers are particularly prone to leak, due to the fact that the water supply line can burst and lead to large leaks. Our plumbers in London can provide further details on the reasons why a refrigerator may leak;
•    Water heater: reasons for this type of appliance leaks may include damaged or cracked pipes, leaking tank or loose fittings. A plumber in London recommends you to act as soon as possible when confronted with this type of leaks, because they can create great damage to your property;
•    Washing machine: Because washing machine hoses are pressurized, a lot of people leave the water supply on when they are not being used. This could cause burst lines that leak great amounts of water on the floor. Slower leaks are also dangerous, so make sure you have a specialist fix this type of leaks before creating greater damage;
•    Dishwasher: when this type of appliance in London leaks, it generally is because of the drain line or the supply line.

For more details on a leaky appliance, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team.
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