How to Recover Something Lost in the Shower Drain in London

Updated on Saturday 22nd April 2017

How to Recover Something Lost in the Shower Drain in London Image
Our plumbers in London often are called by our clients who announce us that they have lost something in the shower drain in their London homes. Sometimes, it is a valuable piece of jewelry or another important item which needs to be retrieved. Here is how we deal with this issue.

How to retrieve on object from the shower drain in London

When losing something into the shower drain, it is important to immediately turn the water off. In case you do not, your item can be pushed further into the pipes by the flowing water. This can make it very difficult to retrieve it. 

The first thing you should do when losing an object into the shower drain is to have a plumber in London have a look at the situation. 

Rest assured, our plumbing services experts in London are experienced in this type of jobs and will do everything there can possibly be done in order to recover the lost item from the shower drain in London

When on site, our local plumber will remove the drain cover. Also named a stopper, this piece will most probably be screwed in, so a screwdriver will be used. Then, by using a flashlight, he will look inside the drain. 

Sometimes, if the object can be seen, it can be retrieved by using bare hands. However, if the object cannot be observed, a long apparatus will be used to look for the lost item. 

In case this does not work either, our plumber in London will use the wet-dry vacuum. It will be utilized to absorb all items inside the shower drain. After a few minutes, the vacuum receptacle will be verified for the lost item. 

After retrieving the lost item from the shower drain in London, our plumbers will make sure to reinstall the drain cover.

How our plumbers in London can help

In case none of the above works, our plumbing professionals have all the tools necessary to inspect and retrieve any items lost into the shower drain.

Utilizing the latest plumbing tools and technologies, as well as a modern sewer camera inspection system, our local plumbers can rapidly and accurately locate the lost item and allow your shower drain to flow freely. 

If you lost an item down the shower drain, as well as for any other plumbing job like clogs, pipe bursts and more, please get in touch with our London plumbing firm.
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