How to Prevent Kitchen Water Damage in London

Updated on Sunday 26th November 2017

How to Prevent Kitchen Water Damage in London Image
The kitchen is a room where, often, water damage, dump and, eventually, the appearance of mold can occur because there are many water using appliances which are utilized here. Here are a few tips from our plumber in London on how to prevent kitchen water damage in London to make sure you are on the safe side.

1. Make sure you safely dispose of grease in London

In order to prevent the kitchen sink drain and pipes from getting clogged, make sure you dispose of the fats, grease and oils which are often used in your kitchen appropriately.
These are major factors which contribute to sewer and drain backups, which can cause major disasters in your kitchen.
Therefore, our plumbers in London strongly advise you to gather these substances in an old jar which later on will be thrown in the garbage.

2. Dishwasher water damage prevention

It is an important tip for preventing kitchen water damage in London. In time, most of the dishwashers leak. Therefore, they should be verified regularly so that this does not happen.
In case a dishwasher does not entirely empty after every use, the main filter could be blocked and it has to be replaced immediately by our plumber in London.
If a sink overflows, this most likely is caused by dishwasher backups. This usually occurs because of a clogged drain line. Therefore, the drain line should be regularly verified and cleaned by our plumbers.

3. Avoid water damage caused by a refrigerator in London

Most likely, when you are cleaning or effectuating a kitchen maintenance, you will not verify the back of the refrigerator.
However, this area should be regularly checked, this way decreasing the risk of water damages caused by a fridge.
In case there is water behind such an appliance, have our London plumbing professionals inspect the refrigerator.
Sometimes, mold can grow behind a refrigerator, which implies that you need the help of a reputed plumbing services company right away.
In case the refrigerator has an icemaker, ensure that the hose is sealed and securely attached to the water supply.
For more tips on preventing water damage in the kitchen, or if you require any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact our friendly team of plumbers.
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