How to Make a Custom Shower

Updated on Tuesday 24th October 2017

How to Make a Custom Shower Image
Are you tired of the old drapes in the bathroom? It is time to learn how to make a custom shower. Our plumbers in London explain how.

Steps taken to build a custom shower in London

The first step which has to be taken when making a custom shower is creating a water-proof space. To do so, select a shower pan which is especially designed for walk-in shower tub spaces.
This shower pan sometimes can be ordered in pre-cut sizes or it can be cut to fit your specific bathroom requirements by our plumber in London.
Also, we advise you to select a shower pan which is created for utilization with wood subfloors, therefore it does not require building up more height or work with the leveling, since it has a predefined uniform slope which allows the appropriate drainage.
Next, thinset mortar is used to secure the pan to the floor. Now, begin working on the interior shower walls.
Afterwards, the ceiling of the custom shower is set up. Instead of utilizing a cement board, our plumbers in London recommend you to install a building board material which is waterproof, lighter compared to a cement one, and which can be cut with a utility knife.
After the waterproof space is built, the tile is set up, which can be done in maximum half an hour after setting up the panels.

Controls of the custom shower in London

When building a custom shower, our London plumbing professionals recommend you to remember:
Ensure the basics when doing such a job: the water should not be directed at the door and the valve and volume control should be accessed from just outside of the custom shower;
The mixing valve is usually located around the average waist height, with the volume controls placed just above. Sometimes, the valve and pre-made systems have a combination of mixing valve or volume control for a classy look which occupies less space on the wall;
The diverter valve, which sends water to the outlets, is generally placed above or below the mixing valve and the volume controls. If utilizing multiple diverters, it is recommended to locate them next to the spray or the group they control.
In case you have more inquiries about a custom shower, or for any kind of plumbing services in London you might need on your property, please feel free to contact our team of plumbers.
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