How to Fix a Bathtub Pop-Up Drain Stopper in London

Updated on Monday 15th August 2016

How to Fix a Bathtub Pop-Up Drain Stopper in London Image
Bathtubs tend to function without problems for years, excepting the minor troubles like clogs, which are usually produced by hair accumulation, and issues with pop-up stoppers that run the bathtub’s drain.

In order to repair these kinds of problems it is necessary to ask the help and the guidance from our plumbers in London.

What’s a bathtub pop-up drain stopper

An everyday problem with bathtubs is that the pop-up drain stopper doesn’t entirely close, fit the drain extension strongly, or open easily when the knob is secured. Stoppers that don’t close properly can keep the tub from filling correctly, therefore, wasting water.
Pop-up drain stoppers that don’t open freely or don’t open all the way make water drain slowly. These pop-up drain stopper difficulties are mechanical and can be fixed with simple corrections to their workings, by our plumber in London.

A bathtub pop-up drain stopper is a two-part fixture: first, the stopper, which has a metal or a rocker arm that prolongs back and toward the gutter, and second, the overflow piece, a knob that lifts and pulls down a stick with a spring at the end of it. 

When you flip the overflow handle up, it drives the rod down on the stopper’s rocker arm, which raises the stopper. When you flip the lever up, the rod lifts and it allows the stopper to fall down and push the drain.

Fixing the pop-up drain stopper

To correct the stopper, the plumber in London will lift it out of the drain, with the rocker arm also. The rubber seal will be then examined for damage and replaced if needed. 

The plumber will need to clean all the debris and then will adapt the nut on its foundation to reduce or extend its assembly to the metal arm. 

As the plumbers in London recommend, you must keep the drain clear of hair, shampoo and soap deposits, for a better functioning of the bathtub pop-up drain stopper.

The plumbing services in London are your suitable choice, if you deal with bathtub pop-up drain stopper problems. You can contact our plumbers in London for any other questions or information.
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