How to Buy the Proper Faucet for Your Bathroom

Updated on Monday 08th August 2016

How to Buy the Proper Faucet for Your Bathroom Image
If you are searching for a new bathroom sink faucet, it’s significant to look further than style. It is known that appearance is imperative, but ease of care, durability, and suitable, safe usage are more so. 

The price is a quite good measure of quality but not essentially the best one of whether a faucet will be suitable for your house bathroom. To choose prudently, it is useful to understand the inner mechanisms of the bathroom faucets and the types of structures that are worth the additional money.

Check for quality before buying a bathroom faucet in London

Most faucets are used every day, for many years, so it’s significant to choose a faucet that is more than good looking. It is easy to incorrectly think that a shimmering brass finish defines quality, though this isn’t certainly the situation. 

It is essential to have a clear idea about the finishes, the internal workings (the differences between ceramic-disc, compression, and cartridge faucets), the prices and many other aspects.

With a proper valve, the water temperature will not change sharply when you turn the handle from hot to cold, for example. 

In order to avoid the burns (particularly to children or older persons), a temperature-limit or a scald-guard piece on single-control spigots is necessary.

Our plumbers in London can help you choose the proper bathroom faucet and it is recommended to solicit their help, before you make any decision.

Search for bathroom faucet finishes in London

Most bathroom taps are made of brass. The faucets’ parts are either cast in patterns or machine-stamped. Of the two techniques, the faucets that are cast are the proper solution for your bathroom.

During production, bathroom faucets are given numerous finishes, such as, polished brass, chrome, brushed chrome, stainless, pewter, powder-coated enamel or even gold plating.

Powder coating is a baked finish that can last as long as the faucet does. It can be manufactured in any colors, such as black, white, gray, red and almond.

A brass-finished spigot is first nickel-plated and then covered with brass that can be polished to shine. A high-gloss brass finish is quite easy to preserve if it gets an industrial-applied clear covering. 

You can also buy brass faucets that hold the brass shine and are practically resistant to scratching.

It is good to know that you can ask for plumbing services in London, that include also details and recommendation about bathroom faucets.

You can contact our plumber in London if you want extra details about how to buy the proper faucet for your bathroom.
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