How Different Pipes Can Leak

Updated on Saturday 17th February 2018

In case you need any repairs done in your home or are planning on a remodeling, it is important to be aware of the piping and the potential that different plumbing pipes have for leaking in order to avoid future problems. Every different material that a plumbing pipe is made of has a different leak potential. In this article, our plumber in London explains how different pipes can leak.

Universal pipes in London

Usually, there are certain aspects to take into account when analyzing how different pipes can leak. Here are a couple of tips from our plumbers in London to ensure you will have a leak free piping system in your home:
Pipes have to be appropriately secured and supported by the pipe hangers or by the straps, which will help avoid the stress on joints and any leaks;
High water pressure, of more than 80 psi, can cause certain issues inside a pipe or a fixture. This is mainly applicable for pipes which are too small for the available supply, and mainly for copper pipes. When it interacts with the water, a copper pipe can form an oxide coating inside its walls, this way helping to avoid corrosion. If the water and velocity of the water inside the pipe is too high, it can damage this layer, exposing the pipe walls. Most probably, this is likely to happen at elbows and tees, at the points where the water suddenly changes its direction. High pressure may also cause water hammer, which will result in other issues, as well. Our plumber in London can provide further details on this aspect.

Leak potential of plastic pipes in London

There are numerous kinds of plastic pipes which are available on the market, with the two most common ones being the PVC and the ABS pipes.
The main issue these pipes have is an improper installation effectuated by a DIY job. When a glue is utilized to connect them and it is not a high-quality glue, you can witness issues with leaks in the future.
An ongoing exposure to hot water can also damage the material in time. Our London plumbing professionals can provide more information on this matter. 
Also, in case the pipe connections are too tight, this can result in cracks. In London’s hot weather, when exposed to high heat, this plastic material can soften and get damaged.
If you require more information about the leak potential of different pipes, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact us.
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