How can the Plumber in London Unclog the Garbage Disposal

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

How can the Plumber in London Unclog the Garbage Disposal Image
A garbage disposal is a device used in many houses in London. It is also known as a waste disposal and it is placed under the kitchen sink where the trap and the drain are found. The garbage disposal is used for cutting all the waste foods, in order to go down the pipes without blocking them. It is recommended to install a garbage disposal with the help of our plumbers in London because they know exactly how this type of device works and they can offer detailed information.

Why do garbage disposals block?

Kitchen accidents happen all the time and foreign object, like forks, spoons or sponges can be dropped into the garbage disposal by mistake. If you are throwing waste foods rapidly in the garbage disposal you might block it without knowing. Also, not running enough water to completely clear the drain pipes might clog the waste disposal. Chicken bones or hard shells tossed down the garbage disposal are not recommended. The London plumber will examine the kitchen drain and also the garbage removal and will properly unclog your garbage disposal.

Unclogging the garbage disposal in London 

Being an electrical device, the plumbers in London will first of all shut off the electrical power switch from the main power panel. After cooling down the garbage disposal, the plumber will use special tools to unblock the device. An Allen wrench is used to spin the garbage disposal’s grinding unit, in order to see what blocks the device. After discovering the problem, the plumbers will clean and wash the device and then will substitute the problematic parts, if necessary. There is a chance that the garbage disposal to be pretty damaged, so it is recommended to replace it immediately.

Tips for having a clean and proper garbage disposal in London

Our plumbers in London recommend you not to use chemical substances to unblock the garbage disposal, because they can damage your entire kitchen pipes. Use lemons instead, by cutting one piece into half and let it down the garbage disposal. This is a recommended method to remove all the unwanted debris. Don’t forget to use extra water in order to eliminate all the chopped waste foods from your garbage disposal.

The plumbing services in London are the proper option if you need to repipe the entire house in London or if you simply need to install a garbage disposal. Please feel free to contact our team of plumbers for any other questions.
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