Hard Water? Try a Softening Solution

Updated on Saturday 06th August 2016

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The concentration of minerals (like calcium and magnesium) in the tap water establish whether it is hard or soft. A water is considered hard when it has a high concentration of minerals. In London, the mineral concentration of the tap water varies between 25mg/l, in which case it is considered soft, and 145mg/l, when it is considered hard. A plumber in London can offer more details on the type of water available in our city.

The problems caused by hard water exposed by our plumbers in London

If you have hard water in London, when heated, the minerals from it get encrusted as scale or mineral deposits, damaging the appliances in your home. These minerals can be quite an unpleasant view for bathrooms and kitchens, and they are difficult to clean up. Soaps and detergents are less effective in hard water, causing us to use them more, and resulting in scum residue or soapy film. Hard water also affects the taste of our foods and drinks and can damage the pipelines by clogging them and reducing the flow of water.

Softening solutions for hard water in London

The most common softening solutions for hard water in London fall into one of the following categories:

1.    Water softeners: these are solutions which eliminate the hardening minerals from the water and substitute them with softening minerals like sodium (salt) or potassium. Water softeners can use one of the technologies mentioned below:

•    Salt-based ion exchange: it is the original water softening technology. Because this technology adds salt into water, our plumbers in London are reserved about it, being restricted in some areas.
•    Potassium-based ion exchange: it was used as an alternative to salt. 

2.    Water conditioners: these are solutions that use salt-free technologies which soften or descale the water, instead of eliminating the minerals. These conditioners use one of these technologies:

•    Template assisted crystallization (TAC): it mainly uses resin to change the hardening minerals into extremely small crystals which do not stick to surfaces and get washed by using normal water.
•    Magnetic field: it is a compact electronic device which gets attached on the main water pipe. It created a magnetic field which alters the electromagnetic properties of the hardening minerals.

Our plumbers in London can advise you on the softening solutions for hard water which are most suitable for your home. Please contact us for assistance.
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