Garbage Disposal Options in London

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Garbage disposals are devices which are set up under a kitchen sink and are commonly powered by electricity. This type of devices is used to shred food waste into small bits, usually less than 2 mm, which can go through the London plumbing pipes in your property.

Types of garbage disposals presented by our plumbers in London 

Garbage disposals in London come in various types, such as:

•    Batch feed disposals: often used. Also named cover control systems, with this type of disposals, water and wastes are collected together in a disposal and covered appropriately, after which they are eventually cut into small pieces in one single batch;
•    Continuous feed disposals: the most commonly used. These are disposals in which waste water and food go through with fresh running water, the device being left open during the entire process. These are user friendly, easily handled. A plumber in London can offer more details on this type of garbage disposals;
•    Septic tank garbage disposals in London: ideal for homes that use septic systems. These disposals have cartridges which are utilized to grind the waste and have to be replaced every four to six months.

Things to consider when choosing a garbage disposal in London

When choosing a garbage disposal in London, our plumbing services pros in London advise you to consider the following aspects:

•    The materials they are made of: many times, garbage disposals have to be repaired because the inside or some pieces get corroded after being exposed to food and water for a long period of time. If you would like to reduce the costs of repairs, you might consider acquiring a garbage disposal made of stainless steel parts, which resist corrosion and can last much longer than disposals fabricated with other materials;
•    The level of noise they produce: Garbage disposals can get quite noisy, however the most modern ones have been projected to reduce the noise. A lot of the latest garbage disposals are built with noise-dampening materials which reduce the noise in a great way. Be prepared, if you choose such a garbage disposal for your home in London, to invest an extra amount of money as they tend to be more expensive.

For more garbage disposal options in London, or if you would like to install such a system in your kitchen, we invite you to contact our plumbers in London.
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