Eliminating Blue or Green Water Stains

Updated on Monday 23rd October 2017

Eliminating Blue or Green Water Stains Image
Blue or green water stains on your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and plumbing appliances are not only unpleasant for the eyes, but may also indicate an issue which could prove to be costly to repair for the long-term. In case your water is acidic, with a pH of less than 7, the copper and brass lines and plumbing appliances are rusting. The blue and green stains you see in the sink are happening because of the dissolved copper and brass in the water. In this article, our plumber in London explains how to eliminate blue or green water stains from your bathroom.

How to remove these stains in London

Correcting the copper rusting at the source is clearly the first thing to do. However, what is there to be done if the stains already appeared?

What you can utilize to get rid of the blue and green water stains depends on the material the appliance is made of. 

Our plumbers in London recommend you to begin with gentler products and then use heavier- duty abrasives and cleaners only if necessary.

This might assist in avoiding any unwanted damage to the finishes of the appliances. Copper stains can be removed with certain homemade cleaners.

For example, white vinegar is renowned as a great cleaning substance, and if you add salt to it, it might help you eliminate the blue or green stains.

The stain might start to fade immediately. In case it does not, try to gently scrub it from the sink it with a cloth and repeat the entire procedure if needed.

Since vinegar is a quite weak acid and the salt gets dissolved, this solution should be safe to use on any appliance material.

Why does my water in London have a low pH?

When the water begins its life cycle, as rain, it already has a low pH when it falls on the ground. After the rain drops on the ground, it protrudes underground, traveling through bedrock, which is the source of water for our homes. Our London plumbing professionals can provide more information on the water pH.

While the water goes through the bedrock, it gradually raises its pH by devouring all the minerals on its path. When this process happens, when the water reaches your house, it already has consumed all the minerals and has the right level of pH.

In case you have any questions about blue stains and low pH, or for any plumbing services in London, we invite you to speak to our plumber in London
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