Common Septic Tank Issues Solved by our Plumbers in London

Updated on Monday 24th October 2016

Common Septic Tank Issues Solved by our Plumbers in London Image
If municipal sewer connections are not accessible, homes or businesses have to utilize a septic tank. The tank is made of a large concrete box connected with a field line and internal baffles. Internal baffles are pipes that conduct the matter from the septic tank where the water is immersed by the ground. In this article we outline the common septic tank problems solved by our plumbers in London.

Broken drain lines or baffles of the septic tank in London

If the septic tank has damaged drain lines or baffles, it is a job taken care of by professionals in plumbing services in London. The plumbers will identify the precise source of the issue and break in the line or pipe. If the septic tank has a corroded baffle, the London plumbing expert can repair it and offer you advice in regards to the measures which should be taken when this type of problems might happen.

Build-up of matter in the septic tank

Inside a septic tank, all solid matters go to the bottom of it while effluent (liquid waste or sewage carried into a river or sea) and the particles of the water float on the top of it. If the septic tank is not regularly emptied, the solid matter will build up until the house pipe is blocked. If this occurs, homeowners will notice a very slow or even lack of drainage at their plumbed appliances. In order to solve this issue, it is necessary to hire a plumber in London who can pump the septic tank until it is unfilled.

Damage caused by tree roots in London

A lot of times, septic tanks are affected by tree roots in London. If there are trees around the septic tank, their roots can grow between the important parts of it. In time, these roots can cause a lot of damage to a septic tank.

At our London plumbing firm, we are able to fix the damage caused by tree roots to a septic tank. While we install such a tank, we make sure that we place it in an area which is isolated from tree roots. However, if this situation might happen, our plumbers in London have the skills and expertise necessary to fix this issue.

If you have a septic tank problem, our plumbers in London can make all the necessary repairs. Please contact us.
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