Best Way to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Updated on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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Kitchen sinks can get covered by all types of bacteria if not cleaned properly. And just because it looks clean, it does not mean it is germ-free. There should be regular cleaning and sanitizing effectuated in a kitchen sink, to make sure your family is safe from any germs and bacteria which could get in it because of the various things family members commonly wash in it. That is why it is advisable to ask for a London plumbing expert when it comes to the best way to clean a kitchen sink.

How is kitchen sink sanitizing done by our London plumbing professionals?

Our London plumbing professionals recommend three main types of kitchen sink sanitizing methods:

1.    Sanitizing by using a commercial disinfectant. A plumber in London can instruct you on which ones are the most effective and safe, as well as on the application instructions.
2.    Kitchen sink sanitizing with a solution made of one part liquid chlorine bleach and 16 parts water. This method is mainly used for cast iron and ceramic kitchen sinks. It is not recommended on stainless steel ones. Caution should be used when applying such a solution. Chlorine bleach release chlorine gas, which could irritate the respiratory system if inhaled. Our plumbers in London can provide assistance in the preparation and appliance of this type of kitchen sink sanitizing solution in a safe and effective manner.
3.    A more eco-friendly sanitizing solution can consist of applying undiluted white vinegar. It should however not be applied directly on the sink, in order to get the best outcomes.

Preventing clogs on your London kitchen sink

It is important to maintain a clean kitchen sink not only for hygienic reasons, but to prevent clogs from blocking the pipes, as well. Our London plumbing experts can help you make an eco-friendly solution which should be applied regularly into the sink drain so that any clogs are avoided. 

All in all, sanitizing a kitchen sink and making sure it does not get clogged is a fairly simple and quick process. It should however be effectuated safely and regularly, so that you and your family can enjoy a clean and safe home environment without other plumbing complications.

Please feel free to contact our plumbers in London if you need advice on the best way to clean a kitchen sink or on any other plumbing issue you might be experiencing.
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