A Few Safety Tips for DIY Plumbing

Updated on Thursday 23rd November 2017

A Few Safety Tips for DIY Plumbing Image
Plumbing might seem exciting and cheaper when you do it yourself, especially if you enjoy that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the task. However, many times DIY plumbing can prove difficult, dangerous and could lead to worse damages to your home. To make sure you are more protected, follow these safety tips for DIY plumbing from our plumbers in London.

1. Wear gloves when doing any DIY plumbing in London

It is an important safety tip for DIY plumbing. That is because the plumbing system may be slippery because of condensation and water. 
In case you are trying your skills at untightening a fitting and your hand slips, you could significantly damage your hands.
This type of injury is difficult to treat because it continues to open every time you use your hands. Having bacteria protruding an injury is a serious concern when dealing with any London plumbing job.
Therefore, ensure you wear thick, work gloves which do not allow this to occur. Waterproof gloves work even better.

2. Do not use harsh chemicals

Every time it is possible, our plumbers in London recommend you to avoid utilizing harsh chemicals, mainly when it comes to drain cleaning. This type of cleaners rarely solves the issue, can damage the pipes and the environment, as well as creates a real danger for anyone who accesses the pipes.
If, eventually, you have to rent a drain-cleaning machine, an extra charge could be placed in case the cable comes into contact with some chemicals.
To avoid this scenario from happening, prevention is always the best course of action.

3. Ensure you turn the water off at your London home

Every time you handle a plumbing job which involves a water supply, our plumber in London advises you to turn the water off in order to be safe.
Many times what looks like a decorative knob or cap, in fact, gathers pressurized water. The last thing you want to do it create a flood in your home.
For more plumbing safety basics, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please speak to our friendly plumbers. 
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