A Brief Checklist on Plumbing Maintenance

Updated on Saturday 10th February 2018

Having a plumbing maintenance list can save a lot of time when dealing with the plumbing system of a property. Besides the regular flushing and cleaning of the drains, such a list can help you considerably. In this article, our plumber in London made for you a brief checklist on plumbing maintenance which should help prevent expensive plumbing repairs and replacements in the future.

A checklist which every homeowner in London should have

Here is a checklist on plumbing maintenance put together by our plumbers in London:
Effectuate a thorough leak verification throughout the house;
When you check every appliance, search for a shut-off valve on the water supply pipes. Test it to ensure it will function accordingly when you need our plumber in London to perform any repairs, or to avoid a flood;
Repair leaking faucets or showers in your bathroom. A small faucet or shower leak might get much worse in time. Even though the water which is leaking might seem insignificant, even a liter of water can cause a damage which can prove to be expensive to fix. Not to mention the amount of wasted water which can add considerable costs to your water bills;
Check all visible lines for corrosion. In case you notice any corrosion on them, be it blue or green deposits or rust, it is a sign that a leak is going to erupt soon. Therefore, it is time for a professional to take care of that pipe before it leaks;
Check the water heater. The water heater in your home should be inspected for the appropriate temperature and for any leaks. The safety valves and overflows also have to be tested. In case there are any safety issues, these should be fixed right away.

Additional notes on the plumbing maintenance checklist in London

Besides, our London plumbing professionals also advise you to do the following checks:
In case you have a refrigerator with an ice maker, check the water supply tubing and connection to make sure there are no leaks. Leaks from ice makers might grow into big issues and are often neglected;
If you have a running toilet, it might not seem like a big problem. However, such an issue can waste huge amounts of water. Many times, the repairs needed for this problem are inexpensive and quick.
In case you would like to know more about our plumbing maintenance checklist, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please feel free to contact us.
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