8 Tips on how to Choose a Faucet

Updated on Saturday 27th May 2017

8 Tips on how to Choose a Faucet Image
Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or replacing a malfunctioning one, faucets are important fittings in your home which provide not only functionality, but they have to look good, as well. Here are eight tips on how to choose a faucet from our plumber in London.

1.    Choose a moderate price for a faucet in London

When choosing a kitchen or bathroom faucet, our plumbers in London advise you to choose one with a moderate price. The cheapest ones will most likely be low-quality, while the most expensive ones, while looking great and having additional features, might lack durability or reliability.

2.    Mind the number of sink holes

When buying a new faucet for a sink, make sure to count the sink holes, to make sure the new buy will fit the old sink. 

Customary faucets which have cold and hot water taps need three holes for the taps and the spout. Another hole is required for placing the sprayer, for kitchen faucets. 

The most popular faucets, though, are the ones which need only one hole for the handle and another one for the sprayer. This type of faucets is easy to handle and maintain.

3.    Ad an aerator for your faucet in London

When choosing a faucet, our plumber in London advises you to also acquire an aerator, which mixes air with water in order to create a fuller flow.

These devices are extremely handy, as they can save up to 40% of the water when installed on a new faucet.

4.    Go for ceramic valves

In order to avoid a new faucet from leaking, acquire one with ceramic valves. Other kinds of valves can function properly for years, however, they are not as reliable as the ceramic ones. And the price is about the same.

5.    Have a kitchen faucet with a sprayer in London

If you are wondering how to choose a faucet for your kitchen, our London plumbing experts recommend you to choose one with a sprayer.

The sprayers generally have a built-in soap or dishwasher dispenser, which is a popular trait in modern kitchens.

When buying the faucet with a sprayer, ensure you get a quality and durable one which requires the least amount of maintenance and, therefore, will help you save your money in the long term.

6.    Avoid chrome

In order to have your new faucet look clean all the time, choose one which is made of a material that hides water spots and fingerprints, such as pewter, brass or nickel. Stay away from chrome.

7.    Choose a single-handled faucet

Two-handle faucets can look great, however, the single-handled ones are more practical. The water is easier to adjust with them and they are easier to clean.

8.    Ball valves

Faucets with ball valves have a metal or plastic ball which controls the water flow. 

For more tips on choosing a faucet, or if you need any plumbing services in London, please talk to one of our friendly staff members.
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