7 Most Common Plumbing Problems in London

Updated on Tuesday 14th June 2016

7 Most Common Plumbing Problems in London Image
It is challenging to maintain an adequate plumbing system in your home, being the responsibility of the resident to ensure everything goes smoothly. In our London plumbing experts' experience, there are seven most common plumbing problems in London, as listed below.

1.    Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet can create discomfort and can be the cause of water waste, which can overcharge your bills. Soaking faucets are caused by washers which sometimes become stiff, ripped or dislodged in time, permitting a small trickle of water to drain through, thus enabling the drip. 

2.    Low water pressure

When the water drips slowly from the faucet or showerhead, the water pressure is low, causing one of the seven most common plumbing issues in London. This happens most of the times because of a built-up of sediment. However, if the aerators and showerheads are cleaned and there is still low water pressure, there might be a more serious issue. Get help from a professional plumber in London to find out what exactly it might be and to make sure it does not turn into a more severe problem. 

3.    A running toilet

Usually, toilets are running due to three causes:

•    if the flapper valve which enables the water to go through the tank towards the bowl does not fit correctly anymore;
•    when the float is unbalanced;
•    the fill tube has loosened.

Sometimes, the cause might be accumulated sediment, which affects the correct flushing and filling of the tank.

4.    Leaking pipes in London

Pipes generally leak at the joints, which can be repaired without too much effort. Sometimes it might be necessary to replace the entire length of the pipe. Other times, the leak might be concealed. The proper repairing is effectuated by a professional specialized in plumbing services in London who can assess which solution is most appropriate.

5.    Clogged drains

If the water does not drain, it can be one of the seven most common and serious plumbing problems in London - the clogged drain. If you applied a drain cleaner and they do not have any effect or the clogs repeatedly return, it is time to have a professional take care of the issue.

6.    Stuck toilet

Sometimes toilets can get blocked. This is most of the times caused by waste buildup. If the issue is not resolved by using the plunger, the sewer snake or another device which can infiltrate deeper into the toilet, a professional plumber in London is the solution. The issue could be in the pipes or the toilet itself

7.    Water heater problems in London

If you are experiencing a lack of hot water, the water heater might be the cause. This device might not work properly because of various reasons, like a loose connection or a cracked part. Once again, it is the job of professional plumbers in London to evaluate and address the issue.

When you are experiencing one of these seven most common plumbing problems or any other type of plumbing emergency, get in touch with our plumbers in London and they will make sure they fix it and restore the comfort of your home.
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