7 Most Common Leaks in a London Home

Updated on Monday 24th April 2017

7 Most Common Leaks in a London Home Image
Water leaks in a London home can be very costly, having the potential to cause a lot of waste of money in high water bills, not to mention the damages that can occur because of them. Below, our plumber in London presents some of the most common leaks which might take place in a London home.

1.    Leaks from under the sink in London

These types of leaks are very common in a London home. They often happen because of the fact that many homeowners store different products under a sink, which can cause the pipework to be knocked. Have our plumbers in London fix such a leak, as it is a quite complex job which may cause more serious damages if not taken care of properly.

2.    Leaky shower or tub

A leaky shower or tub can create the appearance of mold on the floor or, in worse cases, in the subfloor. The most common cause of these type of leaks is a faulty seal. In the most severe situations, a leaky tub or shower could cause a complete bathroom remodel.

3.    Toilet leaks in London

Toilets are also a common leak source in a London house, generally not being noticed early since they usually are silent and unnoticeable. Large toilet leaks can be spotted when the valve continuously generates a gurgling or hissing noise when the toilet is not being utilized. To look for toilet leaks, we recommend you to have a plumber in London inspect the toilet flush mechanisms in your bathroom.

4.    Leaky taps

Ever since taps were invented, leaky taps have become a common issue in all homes. Taps sometimes leak because the persons using them sometimes do not turn them off appropriately. Other times, taps can leak because they are overtightened. Overtightening a tap may cause the damage of the tap washer. 

5.    Sink pipes that leak in London

In such a common leak in a London home, the pipes beneath the sink leak a continuous water stream inside the sink cabinets. And because generally these cabinets are made of wood, this can cause mold to grow in them, which can pose a serious health danger.

6.    Whole house humidifiers that are leaky

In some homes that use whole house humidifiers, leaks can occur without being noticed for years because of the way these appliances are installed. Therefore, our London plumbing experts advise you to regularly check them.

7.    Leaky boiler

A boiler can leak almost anytime, depending on its quality. The parts of a boiler that can leak are quite numerous, which can prove to be an expensive repair. 

If you experience any leak in your home, it is recommended to have one of our local plumbers fix them. Please get in touch with our plumbing services firm in London for assistance.
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