7 Creative and Unique Bathroom Sinks

Updated on Tuesday 13th June 2017

7 Creative and Unique Bathroom Sinks Image Who sais that bathroom sinks have to be classical? Far from it. Your bathroom can have personality, reflected in a unique choice of styles and materials. Our plumbers in London show you seven creative and unique bathroom sinks that can be paired with a bathtub or be left as the point of attraction in your bathroom.


1. The lily sink

This delicate bathroom sink will add a touch of beauty to your bathroom. It was conceived by Italian designer Oriano Favaretto and it will fit beautifully in a flower-themed bathroom or just on its own.


2. The cup sink

Fancy one cup or two? This gigantic coffee cup won’t spill unless you leave the faucet running but it will surely provide a unique view in your bathroom. It even has a towel holder in the cup handle.

3. The cascade sink

Certainly not for the faint of heart, this water flows freely from this ink directly to the bathroom drain. The beauty of the Swedish outdoors inspired it and its name, Abisko, is eponymous to the name of a Swedish National Park.


4. The cube

This sink in the form of a cube uses minimal lines and appears to float freely. The waste water is evacuated subtly through a side mount. 

5. The swan

Another graceful, creative bathroom sink designed is the stylized swan sink by Falper. Moreover, its producer manufactures it from recyclable materials.

6. The map

A wooden sink is a natural addition to a top of unique bathroom sink designs. This wooden basin designed by Julia Kononenko is essentially a topographic map through which water flows freely.

7. Think of stone

This marble sink by Birichino is an ode to the carving power of water and the force of waves. It changes the seemingly simple experience of using a bathroom sink.

You can always rely on the help of a professional team of plumbers in London when installing a new bathroom sink. 

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